Texila American University Going To Launch E-Journal Conferencing Website

By: EIJASR  08/26/2014
Keywords: Engineering, Conferencing, The Journal

Texila American University (TAU) has decided to add another feather to the cap of its achievement. As per the initial discussion, the university is planning to launch an e-conferencing website that caters to the needs of Journal publishing. Since TAU has never cease to retreat with regard to the promotion of academic brilliance and achievements, this new innovation is really going to bring out the credibility of how much efforts the university is taking in order to ensure the spread of quality education throughout the world. Besides the availability of digital library (www.texiladigipedia) and e-journal website (www.eijasr.com), TAU has decided to launch a new innovative website which acts as a bridge for academicians and scholars all around the world. This e-conference will be a non-live one where proceedings will take place as open forum. Here authors will first have to register and make a small payment in order to take part in the e-conferencing. Now an individual can take part in a conference and side-by-side become a spectator too. Each author will need to actively take part in the conferencing and a certificate will be awarded for it. To take part in this conference, the author needs to have an article which could be a research or case study done by him or her. The article should be pertaining to the topics given in the website like Public Health, Medicine, Clinical Research, Engineering, Management, etc. In each discussion of the article there will be six participants including the author whose article is reviewed. Now the other five participants will ask queries and doubts related to the article and the author has to reply. Each of the reply and the questions will be monitored by editors or panel of judges. These judges give a score for each of the reply and the average of the scores will decide which author has got the best points. Now each of the participant needs to have an article and it will be reviewed and commented by other five members. The person who gets the best score will be termed as the winner and he or she will get a golden certificate which states his participation and winning. The first runner up will get a silver certificate and the third runner up will get a bronze certificate. In addition, the winner and the consecutive runner-ups name will be displayed in the website. In addition, the best articles will be definitely published in the EIJASR after suitable changes are made. Through this initiative TAU plans to bring scholars and researcher under one common roof. Lack of avenues and facilities for such interaction are scare and TAU feels that with the dedication and extra resources that it employs, an interaction of ideas and thoughts can take place. There are plenty websites that offer e-conferencing, but this innovation by TAU is the only one where the e-conferencing is non-live and where students can expand their knowledge. Plus it provides the TAU students an exposure of the current trends and development in the scientific and academic world.

Keywords: Academic Journals, Conferencing, Engineering, Journal Of Medicine, Medical Journal, Medical Journal News, The Journal

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