Texila American University Launched the E-Conferencing Website

By: EIJASR  09/19/2014
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Among the fanfare and eager eyes of knowledge enthusiastic, Texila American University has launched its first E-conferencing website. Catering to the new frontiers in the field of scientific research for this millennium, this innovative website is going to remove the void present in the field of scientific studies and interaction. Launched on 9th September, 2014 at the admission office located by India, the website is going to create interdisciplinary researches that are bound to lead to the development of new curriculums, new learning and the development of the basic new research methodologies. This new concept in the field of extensive research is going to create a positive economical, social and intellectual growth as well as change. As per the university, this e-conference (http://www.texilaconference.org/) is going to provide a platform for researchers and scientific students to disseminate and publish their research to investigators all around the world. In addition it provides a global platform for dialogues on emerging researches in various disciplines. Of course, when compared to other e-conference, this e-conference won’t be live. Even though it will be done on the virtual environment, there won’t be any kind of direct interaction between the members and panel of judges present in the e-conferencing. Of course, there would be an interaction, but it would be non-live and done mostly through the forums and charts. The biggest advantage of this e-conferencing is that people don’t need to be physically located on sit in the front of the laptop and interact with the other members. Here all the members of the conference have to login into the website and take part. There is no virtual interaction and one doesn’t need to interact directly with the judges and other members. In addition, the biggest advantage for students is that they can take part in an international conference that is conducted by the prestigious university located in South America. Plus students get to interact with research scholars and subject-matter experts from all over the world. In addition, students get the opportunity to get awards and certificates for their participation. This acts as an acknowledgement which would be quite beneficial in the near future. It acts as an added attraction to their academic career. Now the conference is open and the last date for the submission of the paper is Dec 31st. To submit a paper, an individual has to become a member and the membership cost is 49$. But for a non-member, i.e. a user who doesn’t submit, it is free and he or she can view the manuscript submitted by a member. Now before submitting the paper, the user or the author has to refer the rules and regulations given in the website. Only if the article is given in the prescribed format, then only it will be accepted and eligible for review. It is quite critical that a user who has submitted his or her paper has to give clear and proper reply to the queries prompted. The reply and the question will be monitored by the panel of judges who would give a scoring. Based on the average score given by the panel of judges, the particular user will be evaluated and from that the best author will get an award as well as a certificate. To know more about the website, just login to http://www.texilaconference.org/. About EIJASR EIJASR is an online journal consortium for researchers and scholars to publish their articles and findings. It is one of the pioneering academic journals to be launched in South America. To know more, visit http://www.eijasr.com/

Keywords: Academic Journals, Authors, E-conference, International Conference, Judges, Medical Journal, The Journal

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