Texila American University Launches Mid Term Journals

Texila American University Launches Mid Term Journals from EIJASR

By: EIJASR  11/05/2014
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Within a short period of time, Texila American University (TAU) has reached a milestone in providing informative research work through its South American Journal Publications. The broad and informative articles and research topics that have been published in the past one year is the clear proof on how TAU has gone one step ahead in ensuring that people are aware of the various research work done by students and scientist. There is no doubt that the research work published by the TAU is based on the current experiments and findings. And the perfect example for this is the launch of the next set of journals pertaining to the field of Medicine, Public Health, Clinical Research and Academic Research, etc. The following are the journals published in this term- ● South American Journal of Medicine, Vol- 2, Issue-2 (http://www.eijasr.com/index.php/Medicine/issue/current/showToc):- This edition of South American Journal of Medicine publishes articles related to the various branches of Medicine and Allied Science. All the studies and results present in this journal are performed by multiple center groups who belong to the various disciplines of research and medicine. This evens includes the cohort studies and the clinical trials of the larger population of patients. ● South American Journal of Public Health, Vol-2, Issue – 3 (http://www.eijasr.com/index.php/SAJOPH/issue/current/showToc):- The South American Journal of Public Health publishes scientific articles relevant to global public health, from different countries and cultures, and assembles them into issues that raise awareness and understanding of public health problems and solutions. ● South American Journal of Clinical Research, Vol-1, Issue-2 (http://www.eijasr.com/index.php/Clinical-Research/issue/current/showToc):- This issues of Clinical Research journals has articles, case studies and article reviews related to health science. In addition, there are numerous articles based on safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use. ● South American Journal of Academic Research, Vol-1, Issue-2 (http://www.eijasr.com/index.php/Academic-Research/issue/view/33/showToc):- The South American Journal of Academic Research is a PEER reviewed scholarly journal of opinion and research in academic research. Its mission is to give an interdisciplinary forum for discussion and debate about academicians researches most vital issues. In addition, it covers a wide range of topics of current concern in academicians’ research in humanities, social sciences, management sciences, natural and applied sciences. In addition, all the authors of these articles are individuals who are have extensive experience in their field of study. Each of the research work and articles are reviewed by PEER reviewers and pass through the extensive editorial review of the subject matter experts. In addition, the editorial board members keep a constant check on the format as well as the content of the research work which are submitted. To know more, visit the website and check out the various issues of the articles pertaining to medical field. About EIJASR EIJASR is an online journal consortium for researchers and scholars to publish their articles and findings. It is one of the pioneering academic journals to be launched in South America. To know more, visit http://www.eijasr.com/

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Each of the reply and the questions will be monitored by editors or panel of judges. These judges will score each of the reply and the average of the scores will decide which author has got the best points.


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Texila American University Upcoming Journal Publications

TAU has started the publication and process work for publishing their Public Health and Medical journals. Individuals will be able to access them in the coming months and as per the journal publishing committee the topics are going to be quite advanced and more about medical inventions.


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