By: Elizabeth G. Whitaker, MD, FACS  11/05/2015
Keywords: Facelift, Cosmetic Surgeon, Face Lift

Having performed thousands of facelifts on every type of face over the course of her career, led Dr. Whitaker to design the EnhanceLift for women and the EmpowerLift for men, understanding that men and women age differently and every individual’s anatomy is unique. The EnhanceLift and EmpowerLift customize the procedure for each patient based on their anatomy and areas of concern to enhance their result, while minimizing incisions and elevation to enhance recovery. The focus is always a natural result designed to help you look your personal best. Our goal is a refreshed and youthful enhanced look, not an overpulled attempt at looking overly young.

Keywords: Brow Lift, Cosmetic Surgeon, Face Lift, Facelift, Facial Plastic Surgery, Forehead Lift

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