Everything You Need to Know about Condom Catheters

By: Online Medical Supply  03/07/2016
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Urinary catheters are small, flexible tubes used for collecting urine from the body. The condom catheter is used for the same purpose, but unlike all other catheter types, they are not inserted into the user’s urethra. Doctors usually recommend these external units to individuals who need to use a catheter only for a short span of time.

Instead of inserting a tube into the urethra of the patient, a specially designed condom type sheath is attached to the user’s genital. The condom stays connected to a tube through which urine drains and gets collected in a drainage bag. This unique design ensures that the catheter remains in place and performs its job of collecting urine perfectly. It also may provide a more discreet way to handle light incontinence and freedom of movement compared to briefs, protective underwear or adult diapers.

This description should have helped you understand that condom catheters are meant only for male patients and why these units have been named so.

Material used in making of Condom Catheters

Condom catheters can be made using a range of materials. The most common material used for making these products, however, is latex. For individuals who are allergic to latex, there are several other options to choose from including a silicone base. Of course, the best person to provide you advice on this is your physician.

Another way of categorizing these products is the method of attachment to the patient’s genital. Some units come equipped with a Velcro attachment, some are self-adhering and there are others that require an adhesive liner. Keep in mind that you should never use regular adhesive tapes for this purpose.

If you want to avoid an infection from a condom catheter, you must follow certain rules. The most important rule is to change the unit every day. The second best way to prevent infection is to always wash your hands using hot water and soap both before and after performing routine catheter care. In addition, you must wash your genitals well at least once every day when using this specially designed medical device.

For people who are reusing their urine bag, it is extremely important to clean the bag at least once every week. Clean the bag thoroughly using water and soap; but don’t use any harsh disinfectants on or inside of the bag. Never forget to empty the bag when it’s 2/3 full with urine. If you are using a full-sized urine bag, we would advise you to empty it once every eight hours. Smaller bags, on the other hand, should be emptied once in every three to four hours.

Drainage bags can be worn on the body or hung on hooks nearby a patient and careful handling will prevent spills and leakage. Ideally, you should empty the drainage bag in your toilet; however, if that’s not possible, we would advise you to empty it in a large container and then pour the contents into the toilet.

At times, healthcare providers need to know the quantity of urine the patient is producing during the day. If your doctor asks you to keep such a record, you should always write down the quantity of urine in the bag in a diary before emptying it.

Following these steps should help you prevent infection, but you should always be careful with any symptoms like swelling of the penis, a strong odor or mucus or blood in the urine. If you do observe any of these symptoms, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

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