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By: Michele Claeys Dentistry  05/21/2014
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Crowns are restorations that replace the entire visible structure of a severely damaged tooth. A bridge is a replacement tooth anchored by crowns or existing teeth on either side. What is a crown? Sometimes the surface of a tooth becomes too badly damaged to be fixed with a filling or other dental technique, but the root structure beneath the gums is still strong. In this case, Dr. Michele Claeys can cement a crown or “cap” on the old tooth. This crown will completely cover what is left of the existing tooth, and will be sized and shaped just like the original healthy tooth. Crowns are made of different materials, and the circumstances of each patient will determine which material is best. Why would I need a crown? Crowns are used when a tooth is too damaged for a filling, when a tooth is badly cracked or broken, when a tooth has become badly worn down. Crowns are a good solution because Dr. Michele Claeys can save the healthy structure of the existing tooth and the healthy roots. She just creates a totally new tooth surface that is strong and durable and keeps your teeth stable. Why use a crown instead of a filling? Fillings are used when there is a spot of decay in an otherwise healthy tooth. But sometimes there is too much damage to the structure of a tooth to even safely hold a filling. If a large percentage of the tooth is damaged, the entire visible surface of the tooth above the gumline can be replaced with a crown. Why use a crown instead of pulling the tooth? The roots of your teeth are firmly planted in your gumline, and your teeth affect the way your face looks. A crown rebuilds the tooth to its original size and shape, saving as much of the healthy tooth and root as possible, and preserving the spacing between the remaining teeth. Removed teeth leave gaps that can cause improper bite and change the appearance of your face.

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