Phone Rush Made It Cheaper To Replace A Smartphone Than To Repair

By: Phone Rush  06/26/2016
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Before Phone Rush, viable options to smartphone repair did not exist on a large scale, or on a customer friendly professional level. If smartphone users ever broke their phone, and needed replacements ,the problem many of them faced was the expensive brand new phone they had to buy. While having insurnace would readily seem like the silver bullet to this problem, statistics show that only 4 in 10 people actually purchase insurance with their phone -so many are unprotected in the event of an accident. Most smartphone users break or damage thier phone at least 10 to 11 months before they are due for an upgrade, and being locked into a 2 year contract doesnt help them much either. Before Phone Rush made it cheaper and affordable to replace a broken phone with a Factory Refurbished Smartphone, most people turned to small repair shops offering to attempt to repair the damage. Repairs can be 50/50, sometimes they work, sometimes they dont, but they all cost a pretty penny. For example repair customers must first pay for the part, then they have to pay the repair shop for the labor to install the replacement part. Similar to a car repair shop, the cost of both parts and labor are excessive, in most cases costing as much as the original phone while no guarantee can be offered on the repair. Most repair customers leave hoping for the best, hoping that their smartphone doesnt fail again, which will cost more money for more repairs. One fact stats show is that 47% of all repairs fail within the first 60 days. Phone Rush provides meaningful and effective solutions to customers needing replacement phones, by providing low priced, well tested, high quality factory refurbished smartphones and cell phones for up to 70% the price of brand new, and saving customer the time, hassle and money involved with risky repairs by third parties. No other company does what Phone Rush does in such a sophisticated, seamless, and turnkey manner. Aside from providing opportunities for lower prices factory refurbished smartphones, Phone Rush also added to other categories: Certified Preowned Smartphones and Used Smartphones and cell phones that come with a fortified and extensive warranty for even less money than the factory refurbished smartphones opportunities provided at large. All of the phones sold by Phone Rush will arrive in excellent condition, even the used phones look great. Visit Our Website Directly to view deals and opportunities now, bookmark our page as we sure at some point it may become useful. Visit at

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