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Chimney Sweep - Decatur from Decatur #1 Chimney Sweep 

By: Decatur #1 Chimney Sweep   01/20/2016
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Our Chimney Services Chimney Inspection Chimney Inspection Chimney sweepers recommend for an annual inspection to assess the state of your chimney build up. The purpose of this inspection is to determine the frequency with which your chimney needs to be cleaned based on debris accumulation. Schedule an appointment with us and we will give you an honest opinion on the state of your chimney. At inspection, a chimney sweep will also let you know the extent of damage to your chimney. Chimney Cleaning Chimney Cleaning Cleaning your chimney should be a practice that is repeated every four years but the frequency may be higher or lower depending on how fast soot accumulates. Soot may accumulate faster based on how faster you use the chimney, type of fuel you use and the burning patterns you adopt. The kitchen chimney should be cleaned regularly to avoid soot particles falling into food. The main purpose of a chimney clean is to avoid carbon monoxide from flowing back into the house due to blockage. Chimney Repair Chimney Repair We are certified to perform chimney repairs which fall under building modifications in the construction sub sector. We will give you a report on the repair works needed before we work on them. We guarantee you have chimney repairs done by our team are professionally handled and will not be redone for a long time to come. We are experts in home improvements and we offer you peace of mind before work by showing us our certification papers. Chimney Lining & Re-Lining Chimney Lining You may need to put in a new liner in your chimney for various reasons. If your chimney was not lined properly at construction, there was a recent chimney fire or you are setting up a new fire place then you need lining. Lining is essential in ensuring that the chimney airways are not blocked and the structure of the lining does not permit gases to get into the house through wall cracks and points of weakness in the building.

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