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By: National Council Repatriation Center  06/25/2015
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What You Need To Know About Air Medical Repatriation When you are abroad, if you become ill or injured, you may need to be transported back home by an air medical international repatriation company such as the National Council Repatriation Center. Using jets that have been fitted with a range of medical equipment, these companies are able to keep patients comfortable and safe on the journey home. At the same time, they're staffed with professional nurses who are not only trained in medicine but also in matters of air safety. A repatriation company will arrange for you to be collected from the hospital in the foreign country, and will transport you safely and quickly to a suitable hospital in your home country. This is a much better option for most people than remaining in a foreign hospital running up massive medical bills and far from loved ones, in addition to possibly receiving a lower level of medical care than they would at home. This is one such way The National Council Repatriation Center can help you. When planning a holiday abroad it is important to prioritize checking that your travel insurance includes international air medical repatriation - this is especially crucial if you are going on a holiday to an area where you could be exposed to exotic disease, or a sporting holiday. Many policies cover the hospital stay in the foreign country, but will not transport you to your home country for treatment and recovery. For minor illnesses and injuries this may be acceptable, but for more serious injuries and illness, it may be better for you to be treated in your home country. For those who are injured or ill, flying in a medical jet is a much safer, more comfortable and faster option than travelling in a commuter aircraft. Considering that many countries in the world have a lower standard of medical care, being covered for medical air repatriation can give you extra peace of mind. In addition to being treated in familiar surroundings and by medical staff who speak your own language, you will also benefit from being closer to family and friends. Although it is not something that most people think of, medical repatriation is an essential service; and if the situation arises, it can make all the difference to the comfort and speed of recovery of a patient. Call your insurance company today to confirm that they include this service in your current travel insurance offer. If it is not already included in your package, it is worth considering upgrading to a package that does include it. For additional information and details on travel insurance that fully covers you, you can check out the .

Keywords: Emergency Medical Services, Medical Services

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