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By: SQM Group Inc  01/06/2016
Keywords: Customer Service, Customer, Business Process

Customer Quality Assurance: SQM’s Customer Quality Assurance evaluation service is a revolutionary process that for the same call uses both customer satisfaction survey information and call compliance data evaluation information to assess call quality Customer Protection (CP) Score: The Customer Protection – CP SCORE™ study is an in-depth assessment of your contact center’s performance for retaining customers. This study provides detailed feedback and analysis for why your customers are defecting, as well as what it would take for your customers to continue to do business with your organization. The study also includes valuable information such as CP SCORE™, potential revenue loss, products or services that customers will stop using, organizations that customers will be switching to and why they plan to switch. Call Quality Monitoring Impact Study: This study assesses the impact your call quality monitoring program has on your customer satisfaction and first call resolution performance! Call Escalation Study: This study assesses the impact your contact center call escalation practices have on your cost and first call resolution, customer satisfaction and retention performance. Customer Claim Experience: From a customer perspective, this study benchmarks your Customer Claim (End-to-End) Experience performance against leading North American insurance organizations, from the contact center to the claim settlement customer experience.

Keywords: Business Consultant, Business Process, Call Center, Customer, Customer Service

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VoC Coaching Guide: This VoC Coaching Guide Program is specifically designed for contact center frontline managers so that they can



FCR Best Practice Validation: SQM will validate if your contact center practice(s) is a best practice. SQM’s best practices are


Employee Studies

Esat for FCR Effectiveness: From an employee perspective, this study benchmarks your contact center’s FCR business practices effectiveness, provides insights



SQM offers a quality assurance outsourcing service that can help organizations provide world class customer service and/or improve first call resolution performance.


Operational Survey

SQM Group is in the forefront of voice of the customer (VoC) research for measuring and improving customer experience and satisfaction in the contact center industry.



Omni Channel: From a customer’s perspective, this study measures and tracks the entire customer experience when using a call center



Omni-Channel: From a customer perspective, this study benchmarks the entire customer experience, when using a contact center and, in many


Research Capabilities-Account Management

SQM has highly qualified research analyst and account manager professionals who are passionate and dedicated to managing your contact center research project and initiatives.


Research Capabilities-Reporting

SQM’s mySQM™ web portal is designed to allow our clients real-time access to their customer survey information from the convenience of their desktop in a secure encrypted manner.


Research Capabilities-Analyzing

SQM measures all contact channels (i.e., contact center, website, email, IVR, site) with a focus on the customer`s FCR experience.


Research Capabilities-Surveying

SQM conducts accurate, reliable and actionable post-contact surveys.