Shake, Rattle, and RUN!

Shake, Rattle, and RUN! from Performance Auto Parts Store

By: Performance Auto Parts Store  08/26/2014
Keywords: Dyno, Torque, Dynometer

We're excited to announce another acquisition! Stuska® 1,500 hp Automated & Computerized Engine Dynomometer Schedule a Session Today ! We can verify Horsepower and Torque reliably and repeatable..(Seats Camshaft / Piston Rings, Verifies NO leaks / problems before installation, Tuned, ready to have fun) !! Printout has easy to read Graphs and shows parameters during each "pull". PULL = Rpm and load is applied to Engine. The water brake applies "load" gradually and smoothly, and attached lever and Load Cell, translates Torque or twisting force. Horsepower can then be calculated by Computer. Basically at 5250 rpm, they are close to being even. The printout shows: Horsepower Torque in ft/lbs. EGT's = Probes show "Exhaust Gas Temperature" of each Cylinder BSFC = Brake Specific Fuel Consumption = Indicates Engine efficiency Oil Pressure Fuel Pressure - at Carburetor Water Temp Blower boost can also be monitored. Engine will be installed on Dyno, all connections double checked, oil level verified. Then engine is warmed up. (Camshaft / Piston Rings "seated" at proper RPM for 20 minutes). During warmup - Ignition timing is checked, adjusted if necessary, Idle rpm set and Staff watches for any leaks, constantly monitors BOTH set of gauges, etc..Engine vacuum can also be checked while warming up, and before each pull. Engine shut down and Customer, Or, Our talented Staff then checks Engine for leaks, adjust valves if required. Before the "pull" is made, we input current Weather conditions from our Computerized Weather Station, such as Air temperature, Humidity, Altitude, Corrected Altitude. Dyno is then set for "load" and rpm minimum/maximum for "pull". Customer is more than welcome to be there, and highly encouraged to. That is why we "schedule" sessions, around the Customer's schedule. Customer also specifies fuel to be used. We can provide, or Customer can bring with. OK,,, here we go !! 1st Pull completed: Printout data is gone over, and discussed with Customer. Carburetor calibration, Ignition timing, adjusting valves if need be, Camshaft timing, Spark Plug "reading" or changing heat range is done by Customer, or Our Staff. Oil level checked. There is NO specific time frame involved that scheduled Day.. I.,E., Customer can make adjustments, and let us know when ready to "pull" again. AGAIN, current Weather Station data loaded into Dyno Computer. Engine brought up to running parameters. Ignition timing verified. Time for Sweet Noise !! 2nd Pull completed: Again Data analyzed again, and compared with previous data printout. Engine checked for leaks, and oil level checked. Same scenario, Customer, or Our Staff can make changes. AGAIN, current Weather Station data loaded into Dyno Computer. Engine brought up to running parameters. Sounded Good, let's see if We improved - thru changes !! 3rd Pull completed: Again Data analyzed again, and compared with previous data printouts. At this juncture,, Customer may opt for another "pull". Normally in three pulls, Engine should be "tuned". Engine allowed to completely cool down, before removal from Dyno. Customer can wait, or, Schedule pick up time/day for us to load in his Vehicle. We have a Forklift to make transition smooth and easy. (We can also supply / Install an Engine "cradle" either with or without wheels. Great for moving around the Shop, or storing under a bench) Customer keeps Computer print outs, and We store data on Computer. Customer decides to sell Car/Engine, We can reprint if desired. Please email / Call for pricing and particulars. [email protected] Performance Auto Parts 6530 Lorel Ave Bedford park, IL 60638 708 - 924 – 5110

Keywords: Dyno, Dynometer, Torque

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