Having medical insurance coverage - What should you do now?

By: Helpico Insurance Agency  03/17/2016
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• What can you do? Free prophylactic is part of your coverage. The new law was written exactly with preliminary care in mind. • Where to do it? In your insurance’s provider network for less out of pocket expense. Register on the insurance company’s web site> Search for medical providers>Call the insurance company to verify>Call to schedule appointment for first doctor’s visit>When at appointment, inform them why you are there: Free prophylactic exams • What if it appears that I have medical issues and need more medical tests and care? Discuss your situation with the insurance agent, following with insurance company; involve your doctor and hospital. You should comprehend the information given to you and make informed decisions. Many factors will play role. • What else I can do? While still healthy, purchase disability insurance, life insurance and supplemental insurance if you don’t have a large amount of cash $$$. These policies have a great potential to add cash to your pocket when you are on medical leave, or in a critical medical situation. • Doesn’t it cost a lot? When planned and done on time, it doesn’t. When approached at time of need, it may be unavailable.

Keywords: health, medical, insurance, international, Insurance, smart insurance,

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