Obamacare launched in 2015

By: Helpico Insurance Agency  11/11/2014
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Obamacare launched in 2015 What the New Law Requires and Offers for our Health A new study from KFF.org shows that 89% of the uninsured patients are not aware of the new terms for the purchase of health insurance. The new period to enroll and purchase health insurance is starting the 15th of November, 2014 and will continue until February 15th, 2015. The experience of last year showed that the last 15 days are unusable for stable work due to overload of the straight path toward the Marketplace and the paths through insurance companies. The enrollment is based on your taxable income and number of family members. In most cases for people who are purchasing through prequalification, children are insured with AllKids (CHIP) and remain there (unless the organization does not exclude them for some reason), but they still count as family members. If you have very low income, the Marketplace will categorize you in Medicaid, and you will be contacted by them. This process with Medicaid is very slow, but you can apply all year long. There is not a limited enrollment time. Buying a health insurance plan with your qualification is limited in two levels of so-called "metal" or qualified insurance products: Bronze and Silver. All qualified plans have and should have 10 major coverages: 1. Outpatient services for patients 2. Emergency treatment 3. Hospital treatment 4. Maternity and newborn care 5. Mental health and disorders, including health treatment for behavioral problems 6. Prescription drugs 7. Rehabilitation services 8. Laboratory services 9. Preventive treatment 10. Child prophylaxis, including dental and vision for such Individual insurance policies will be guaranteed to be issued, without excluding those who already have diseases, without waiting periods for existing diseases, and any types of health born exclusions. There will be an annual enrollment period * (some exceptions for causing events will be applied throughout the year). The rating will be based on the Community rating, not health Rating. (Number of family members, geographic location, smoker / non-smoker, age and very important: the assessment of health and gender will NOT play a role). The individual mandate/ duty requires effective 2014 tax year when tax returns are filed each person to prove that there is a "medical coverage including at least the minimum of the qualifying health plan", or a penalty will be imposed: 2014 maximum: $ 285 per family 2015: maximum $ 975 per family 2016: $ 2,085 maximum per family You cannot be subject to compulsory medical insurance if: 1. You are a prisoner 2. Your income is below $ 10,000 / $ 20,000 family 3. The insurance cost is > 9.5% from your income 4. You do not have a green card or citizenship (a petition is not filed) 5. You are a member of a recognized group excluded from this obligation What's new for 2015th? KFF.org shows a slight reduction in insurance premiums. The Illinois major health insurance market left one company, and two new companies entered the market. These articles are informative and are not intended to exhaust any topic addressed in them. Due to the many questions I get on the phone and the inability to devote 30 minutes each, I offer a free workshop every Saturday or Sunday. Call for enrollment at the latest the day before. Seats are limited. The address is 1043 S York Rd LL1 (lower level # 1) still called York Tower Condominium in Bensenville. In Facebook you may search for Helpico Insurance Agency and check for Events and last agency information. [email protected] office 773 988 7608; mobile 773 742 6626 Office services include: consultation on how to submit applications for prequalification and selecting a plan; help when working on the applications yourself and performance of the entire application process with the data you provided (you get a printout of all data on your place at the Marketplace). Anna Ruseva

Keywords: Health Insurance

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