Search Engine Optimization

By: Arcalea  09/24/2015
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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search and overall Online Advertising to optimize a web property for both technical and user-experience, to increase visibility and linkages to that property, to increase a user's engagement with that property and ultimately drive to conversion. Historically SEM has referred to the paid efforts, however today is used commonly to represent the umbrella effort known as "search marketing".

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Other products and services from Arcalea


Business Intelligence

"Digital is everything" refers to the ability to examine, segment, target, track, remarket-to and analyze an almost omniscient amount of information on consumers online. Business Intelligence (BI) allows us to utilize that information in extremely powerful ways and pivot quickly. Once identified and understood, we build learning into our systems so that we improve each week, further extending or deepening our understanding of, and relationship with, our consumers. Today's battleground is data.


Inbound Marketing

Today email marketing has changed. Using certified Inbound methodologies, Arcalea designs nutritional, drip campaigns for your targeted personas. Each persona may find your content at different phases of the buyer journey. And we will lead your team in developing the right content for each of those phases. Data dictates our next move.That's why we say, "Success is now a science".


Content Marketing Strategy

"Content Marketing" is any usage of media or content created and distributed under the effort of marketing a brand, product or service. Blogs, White Papers, Infographics, Ebooks...any topic related to your industry can provide value and drive engagement. Typically used in conjunction with other channels, Content Marketing is a powerful tool as it can provide value to consumers and engage on new levels, in unexpected places.


Social Media Marketing

An effective social strategy amplifies the core brand message and engages audiences. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the usage of social media channels to engage and market to consumers toward a brand's goals. And today, search ranking now takes social media action and engagement into account. Any search plan will utilize various potential SMM channels to amplify messaging, engage consumers and raise search profile.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management - The goal is an invested visitor, with intent, without having to pay for them. While PPC is a good short term fix, the long term should include organic expectations.