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By: Speedy Worm  03/22/2016
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Butter Worms are imported from the mountains of central Chili; they are the soft bodied larva of the Cilecomadia Moorei moth. Butter Worms are similar to the wax worm with a fat, soft body, however they are larger; they range from 1/2" to 1.5". Butterworms have become very popular fishing bait for Steelheads, Pan fish, Rock Bass and trout. Butter Worms are yellow to reddish in color and have a natural fruity smell. They are extremely high in calcium, around 43 percent, more than twice of other feeder insects, butter worms also have a low fat ratio. Box turtles, Bearded Dragons, Geckos, lizards, small mammals, fish and birds are a few animals that absolutely love these flavorful Butter Worms. Our Butter Worms can be kept for an extended period of time at 42 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping them at that temperature puts them in a hibernated state so you don't have to worry about feeding or watering them. Before they are imported into the United States they are put through a treatment to kill any bacteria they may have. This treatment prevents them from pupation and hence the butter worms can't develop into months. It is very important to keep keep the bedding material dry, extra moisture will kill them. If you need to change the bedding material you can use wheat bran or oat meal. Clean the container weekly and take out any dead worms.

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