3D Rendering for Architecture

3D Rendering for Architecture from Blue Marble 3D

By: Blue Marble 3D  07/05/2014
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At Blue Marble 3D we can take your designs and turn them into stunning photo-realistic 3D renderings, panoramas, full-motion computer animations and interactive virtual reality simulations. We have a thorough knowledge of the 3D design development process and we can work with sketches, 2D CAD and 3D model data from almost any source. Even if your design is only scribbled on a paper napkin, we can work with you to take that concept and turn it into a detailed 3D model with photo realistic imagery. Our talented team of artists and 3D modelers can take your design into the virtual world. A panorama is a 360-degree image that surrounds the viewer in all directions as if they were in a sphere. The panoramic renderings we produce are a fully-rendered photo realistic image of a 3D model from a single vantage point. As a viewer, you can look in any direction and even zoom-in on an area of the image, but unlike an animation it does not move you throughout the space. Click on the images above on this page to explore some of our latest panoramas. The advantage of a panorama over a still-image rendering is its interactivity, the ability to look anywhere from your vantage point. For many of our clients, we produce panoramas of an interior space from several vantage points so they can explore every important feature of their design. Like a rendering, panoramas are photo-realistic and have detailed lighting and shadows. Compared with an animation, panoramas are quick and relatively inexpensive to produce when combined with a render-ready model. And, along with our virtual reality technology, panoramas are particularly useful when design concepts are still in development. Much smaller than animations, panoramas are easily shared with colleagues via the web from any device, easily interactive with the simple movement of your mouse or finger on touch screen. Virtual Reality, or often referenced as VR, is an immersive and interactive 3D simulation of a product or environment. Typically, the viewer wears headgear or is inside an immersive 3D display system. From that vantage, you can then view and manipulate 3D objects such as a prototype engine, or even move through and explore such environments as a proposed building or streetscape. Blue Marble 3D has a variety of high-end VR hardware and software, laying the foundation for an amazing virtual experience for our clients. We can build a virtual environment for you or you can use your own 3D models. Our systems are even available for rent at our Chicago location, just minutes from O'Hare Airport. Our equipment includes the EON Reality Icube, the Ibench, and the EON 3D Interactive Whiteboard, all running EON Studio and EON Professional software. With these tools, Blue Marble 3D's artists and programmers can take your design into a fully immersive 3D experience The Icube at Blue Marble 3D is a 9-foot-square 4-projector (3-wall and a floor) fully-immersive stereoscopic 3D environment. With lightweight 3D glasses and a small handheld controller, your head position and motion is tracked as you look around your design. This is truly the state-of-the art in virtual reality technology. Complementing the Icube experience is the EON Reality Ibench Mobile, a 24” 3D tabletop VR device. Using 3D glasses with motion tracking technology and a pen-based 3D stylus, the Ibench Mobile allows a model or plan to be viewed, manipulated and changed in real-time. Pen-based motion controls offer an intuitive means to twist and turn an object as needed. Top-flight NVIDIA graphics cards work to ensure that numerous CAD and 3D modeling formats are displayed at the highest quality.

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