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Massage therapy

Integrative approach to massage therapy that provides pain relief due to muscle strains, fatigue and dysfunction.


Medical and Therapeutic Massage Therapy

'whether you are looking for a good therapeutic massage or suffering from aches and pains due to muscular stress, strains and functional disorders, CareQuest Massage is the place for you. CareQuest Massage provides an integrative approach to massage therapy that not only provides a very relaxing enviroment but works out any "active or hidden" issues in the tissues that lie within the deeper layer of connective tissue and not the superficial layers most relaxing massage addresses. Try us!

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Suffering from aches and pains due to muscular stress and strain? CareQuest Massage helps relieve pain caused my muscular fatigue


Medical, Therapeutic and "Physio" MAssage Therapy

Medical, Therapeutic and physio massage therapy