Internet Service and Your Business: The Power of Online Testimonials

Internet Service and Your Business: The Power of Online Testimonials from T6 Broadband

By: T6 Broadband  05/09/2014
Keywords: Client, Performance Management, Customer Feedback

If you currently own your own business, you’ve probably used testimonials in a variety of mediums. From newspaper ads, to your website, you know how testimonials from customers and employees alike can improve your company’s image. 90% of American consumers will believe an online testimonial before they would believe anything you say about your own company. With websites like Yelp!, Google+, and Tripadvisor, it is almost impossible to find a business without one user review. Yelp! alone sees 71 million visitors a month, those are numbers you just can’t pay for. While at first this can seem frightening and uncontrollable, learning how to best leverage this trend can yield big benefits for your business. Consider why testimonials work. People trust others like themselves a lot more than they trust a business that is obviously trying to sell them something. By checking review websites frequently, you can see what people are saying about your business. If you are seeing significant positive feedback, play off of it. Post it across your social media sites, your website, and emphasize the multiple things people are enjoying about your business. Conversely, if you begin seeing instances of negative feedback, you know it is time to start changing the way you operate. The faster you right your wrongs, the faster you’ll be able to improve your business’ image. While you can’t always control what reviews get posted, when you know you’ve created a particularly satisfied customer, you should ask if they would be kind enough to post a review. Every positive review counts exponentially. Amicably asking customers to write a review for your product or service can help you forge a relationship with that customer, as well as create positive exposure online. How To Use This Information At JAB Broadband, America’s leading wireless Internet service provider, we are dedicated to improving business success by giving customers the tools and tips necessary for optimizing online commercial performance. Experts everywhere agree that positive online reviews are essential these days. Sign up today with JAB Broadband and their family of companies, including: Rhino Communications, SKYBEAM, Priarie iNet, T6 Broadband, and Digis. For more information on our services, visit our website, or call us at your local branch. How do you drive online testimonials?

Keywords: Client, Customer Feedback, Feedback, Performance Management, Reputation, Reputation Management, Testimonials

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