Wireless Internet Perks: Mobile Credit Card Readers

Wireless Internet Perks: Mobile Credit Card Readers from T6 Broadband

By: T6 Broadband  05/09/2014
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Marshall Mcluhan, the author of Understanding Media, was once quoted as saying, “Money is just a poor man’s credit card.” Based on the nature of America’s credit-based financial system, people are highly encouraged to own and actively use at least one credit card to develop their credit. Convenience-oriented Americans use credit cards routinely in an effort to bolster their credit, put off immediate payments, and to buy every-day goods. After all, it can be simpler than having cash-on-hand. Unfortunately, not every business accepts credit cards, though this is becoming less and less the case. One reason is that the advent of mobile credit card readers8 has made incorporating credit cards into any business model a piece of cake. All you have to do is find the right credit card reader for you. The reader will fit nice and snug into one of the ports on your phone or tablet, and prompt you to download the accompanying app. The only drawback is that these technologies won’t work on all smart-phones, but you would be hard-pressed to find a mobile device that doesn’t have a supported credit card reader. Now, regardless of what, where, or how you do business, you will be able to accept credit cards, which is good news for your customers not in the habit of keeping much cash on hand. The technologies typically only require a wireless internet connection to process the credit card transaction. They can also utilize your phone’s data network, but that is usually less cost effective. Here is a list of some excellent credit card readers to check out today. When evaluating the options, you need to assess monthly fees and transaction costs compared to traditional merchant processing providers. The mobile solutions can often provide a cost savings for businesses with limited transaction volume, and, of course they offer a big advantage for businesses on the move. ID Tech UniMag Pro ID Square PayPal Here ProPay Jak Intuit GoPayment ROAMpay X4 How To Use This Information The ability to accept credit cards increases customer satisfaction, and can provide a boost to sales. But the technology is useless without a reliable wireless internet connection. So what are you waiting for? Call JAB Broadband today. With their family of companies across the country, including: Rhino Communications, T6 Broadband, SKYBEAM, Prairie iNet, and Digis, you can trust that one of America’s favorite wireless internet companies is providing top notch service for your area. Learn more about our services on our website, or contact one of our companies for more information on our services in your area. What credit card reader do you use for your mobile phone?

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