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Pediatric Chiropractic from White Oak Family Wellness

By: White Oak Family Wellness  03/29/2014
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Many people wonder why their child would need chiropractic care. First it is important to remember that chiropractic care at White Oak Family Wellness does not only include spinal manipulation but also nutrition, developmental therapy, and neuro-sensory integration. That being said a child may need only one of these therapeutic interventions or maybe all of them, depending on the issues they face. So, what are these issues that children have to deal with as they grow and develop? The answer, birth trauma. It can occur due to false labor, unusual length of labor, vacuum or forceps extraction, incorrect fetal positioning in the birth canal, use of drugs during labor, failure of dilation of cervix or fetal distress. One study reports that 1500 babies were examined within the first 5 days of birth and studied periodically for 8 years. The study revealed that 90% of the babies had suffered birth trauma and associated strain in the neck and cranial areas. Birth trauma is a frequent cause of spinal restrictions, which can then manifest into other symptoms such as colic, ear infections, head tilt (congenital torticollis), difficulties nursing, asthma and much more. A spinal restriction can cause these conditions because of the communication between the spine and the nervous system. As the child then grows, he/she will go through developmental milestones, whether they are physical development (crawling, standing, walking, etc) or neurological development (hand-eye coordination, speaking, or integrating primitive reflexes as they grow), at which time chiropractic care will be beneficial. Even if your child is healthy it is important to have your child checked as they are developing to ensure there are no neurological deficits that could be setting them back in life, as well as to improve their plasticity (neurological development). According to Hendrix & Hunt, a baby is born with about 100 billion nerve cells which form into circuits. The childhood years determine which circuits remain and strengthen and which circuits die off. This is determined by the brain's plasticity (the changeability of these circuits/pathways based on the changes in environment, behavior and neural processes).

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