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By: Sketch2cad  01/05/2016
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While there are literally thousands of home plans available online from various plan houses, I haven’t located one that will drop everything and take the time to focus on one clients needs and instead juggle multiple projects letting the smallest details fall through the cracks. I do not swarm the net or contact people trying to create a massive amount of work that cannot be completed in an unreasonable time-frame. Personally, I would rather do a great job for a select few projects a year vs. a less than snuff job for dozens of projects a year as it’s a love for the art. If you locate your dream home online but there’s an area that you would like to change or add additional areas to we can take the existing plan and create your own custom home plans based off the layouts. Now there are certain copyrights to the original design that must be taken into consideration. For example, you locate a plan online but don’t want a door here or a room there but nothing else changes, your best bet would be to purchase the set online from them and have your contractor make changes in the field. Most plan houses offer the option to purchase the cad files from them directly, which makes my job that much easier as you are permitted to adjust the file as needed. There’s no copyright on how this or that person lays out a home, typically space sizes are typical in each home. There is also no copyright on home styles ie: victorian, usonian, prairie, modern, contemporary, etc. and the choice of materials one chooses to utilize on said home. Maybe you had a designer create you a house plan a few years ago but after sitting on the idea you would like to adjust the plan and the designer is out of business, too busy to work on your project as they have bigger paying clients, or you would like to just toss around the idea before you spend quadruple the amount that we charge before the original designer is available, feel free to contact me. Perhaps you have a layout that you’ve already been working on and would like input or wonder how this space connected to another would flow, genius comes from the strangest places in life. The easy part on most custom homes is the floor plan layouts but what isn’t is the roof and framing involved to cover the house plan. You can have a beautifully laid out plan but when you attempt to roof the plan it can easily create a hazardous if not costly roof twice the amount as a simplified plan would and stick out like a sore thumb. I’ve worked with many clients over the years in which this has been the case. While it’s not the end of the road for your house plan, it becomes a give and take process. It’s better to contact someone that can help you visualize your plan before you go to a builder and explore the options available initially rather than create a disaster for the contractors in the field. Every drawing set created by SKETCH2CAD is held up to the highest level of drafting quality and design. Each page is fully detailed and documented to maintain a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design. Each person is different as each building should be. Custom details can be integrated into your design by your suggestions instead of having to settle for the same building that everyone else has. Just because your drawings are created on the computer doesn’t mean they should lack the appropriate level of detail for the contractors to distinctly see what the end result of your home should look like.

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