Dental Fillings

By: Monon Family Dental  06/29/2015
Keywords: White Fillings, Dental Fillings, Tooth Fillings

Nobody likes to hear that their tooth has a cavity! The good news is that dental caries can be easily remedied with fillings. At Monon Family Dental, we’ll evaluate your ailing tooth, listen to your questions and concerns, and work with you to choose the right type of filling for your unique situation. Do I Need a Filling? You may need a filling if your tooth has started to decay, forming a hole that is commonly referred to as a cavity. At Monon Family Dental, we’ll give you all of the tools and guidance that you’ll need to prevent cavities. Effective preventative care takes place both at home and in our office. During your biannual exam, your Monon Family Dental dentist will thoroughly check your teeth for any signs of decay. Finding a cavity early on is important so that further decay can be prevented through treatment. We can also give you recommendations regarding how to improve your at-home care routine – including the best techniques and products to use. While excellent home care is an important preventative measure, there is still the possibility that you may develop a cavity. In this event, our team will perform a simple filling procedure to restore your tooth to beauty and function. What Is a Filling? During your filling procedure, your dentist will first remove all traces of decay from your tooth and then clean and disinfect the area. Next, your chosen filling material will be used to fill the hole left by decay. The material is then smoothed and shaped to form to the contours of your tooth. Finally, your dentist will check your bite and polish the filling area to make it look great. There are two main types of filling material offered at Monon Family Dental – amalgam and composite resin. Amalgam, a blend of metals, has been used to fill cavities for decades. The result is a durable silver-colored restoration of the tooth’s enamel. Composite resin is a synthetic filling material that can be used to repair tooth decay. This material makes for a strong and effective restoration with an additional aesthetic benefit: Composite resin is tooth-colored so that your filling blends in perfectly with your natural tooth, making this an excellent choice for fillings in teeth that are visible when you smile. Your dentist will help you decide which filling material is right for you. The decision will depend on factors unique to your situation including the current state of your tooth, the location of the tooth in your mouth, and your preferences. The process of filling a cavity stops further decay from developing and helps to strengthen the structure of your tooth to keep your smile at its best. All of our dentists at Monon Family Dental are skilled at filling cavities using a gentle and artistic touch.

Keywords: Dental Fillings, Tooth Fillings, White Fillings

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