Trigger Point therapy

By: Rachael T Massage & Essential Oils  05/11/2016
Keywords: Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are often referred to as pressure points, because when they are pressed upon they elicit a pain response what feels like an increase in pressure. Pressure points are actually areas where you press to stop blood flow. There are millions of tiny structures called sarcomeres within a muscle that interlock like fingers during a contraction. During muscular trauma the sarcomere does not stop contracting. Because the sarcomeres also act as tiny pumps pumping blood through capillaries, blow flow becomes restricted in the affected area causing stagnation, and the constant contraction produces a build up of metabolic waste. The affected tissues become swollen and very irritated sending it into emergency mode which produces a PAIN response. Trigger points will not just go away on there own. What does happen is if left untreated other trigger points will form around the primary, these are called Constellation trigger points. They can go into a sleep mode where active pain is not felt, but a motion in the body can wake them up causing active pain once again. Everyone can get trigger points, even babies. Ex: One cause of pain felt behind our eyes while experiencing a headache is an active trigger point in the neck or shoulder area referring pain behind the eyes. There are things we can all do to help reduce the incidence of trigger points. This will be discussed during your session.

Keywords: Trigger Point Therapy

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