Scatter Radiation Protection Shields and Drapes

Scatter Radiation Protection Shields and Drapes from Worldwide Innovations & Technologies, Inc.

By: Worldwide Innovations & Technologies, Inc.  08/29/2014
Keywords: Radiology Products, Interventional radiology products, Disposable Radiation Protection Shields

Femoral Entry Angiography Shield #5300 Ultimate protection for femoral artery and radial access procedures. Unique shield design protects hands, face and body. Will not inhibit physician’s technique Biopsy Shield #5200 Outstanding protection during all types of biopsy procedures. Rectangular fenestration allows access and viewing while minimizing radiation exposure. Dialysis Access Declotting Drape #7200 Outstanding protection during dialysis declotting procedures. Up to 80+% and 50% exposure reductions at hands and eyes, respectively. Shielding is easily adjustable as needed. Lateral View Vertebroplasty Kyphoplasty Drape #7400 Base shield protects physician and team during AP viewings. Perpendicular shield folds out from the patient to provide excellent protection during high exposure lateral viewing. No-Brainer® Surgical Cap #9100 Blocks up to 95% of radiation exposure to the brain. Lightweight, adjustable protection for all O.R. suite and fluoro lab personnel during interventional procedures. There are over 100 different RADPAD® products. Each one is individually designed to protect during specific procedures. Most of the products are available in any one of four levels of protection. Only a few of the more popular designs are listed here. Contact RADPAD for more information.

Keywords: Disposable Radiation Protection Shields, Interventional radiology products, Radiology Products, Scatter Radiation Shields, X-Ray Scatter Radiation Products,

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