Cool Christian T-Shirts, Jewelry, and much more

Cool Christian T-Shirts, Jewelry, and much more from Inspirational Jubilee

By: Inspirational Jubilee  06/19/2014
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Christian T-Shirts give millions of people the opportunity to go into the fields and share the good news of Jesus. The Evangelistic opportunity is amazing. The average Christian T-shirt is read more than 3,000 times! The mission is simple- Proclaiming the Good News to the world through products about Jesus. It's an exciting time here at Inspirational Jubilee. Our mission is to spread the word of Jesus Christ through our apparel and merchandise. We are proud to be an authorized Kerusso dealer. They have amazing products that are stylish, trendy, and a great way to start up a conversation. Everyone who buys our products is a walking witness that has the potential to reach thousands of people by simply wearing Christian Themed merchandise. It gives us all a chance to witness for the Lord and start a conversation that could potentially save someone's life. Mark 16:15- Jesus said, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation". Become a T-Shirt Evangelist and start spreading the news. We are all walking billboards for something. From the T-Shirts we wear, the jeans we put on, and even our shoes. We pay to advertise for them. We spend anywhere from $10- $50 for a T-Shirt to Advertise for a brand name company, and what have they done for you. By wearing a Christian T-Shirt you can be a walking billboard for Jesus. The same Jesus that gave his life for you. At Inspirational Jubilee we are on a mission to witness to as many people as possible through our customers that purchase our Christian Gear.

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