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By: 3 Space  04/30/2014

Whether it’s function testing or end-use, fused deposition modeling is perfect for parts that have a job to do. FDM is the only additive manufacturing technology that produces parts from production-grade thermoplastics with high heat, stress and impact resistance. FDM produces high quality parts with the durability and accuracy required for end-use. For concept modeling applications, these parts can be given any of our custom finishing options.

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ColorJet produces models from plaster-like material which is dyed during the production process. The result is a fully colored model which can be used to evaluate the aesthetic design of a product or packaging.

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The latest innovation in 3D printing, PolyJet can produce a single model from up to 14 different materials. These include both plastic-like and rubber-like materials which can be mixed in varying proportions