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By: InnerMost Solution, LLC - Colon Hydrotherapy  12/07/2014
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Colon Hydrotherapy is administered using FDA compliant, Class 2, Closed System equipment. The warm water is filtered (removing solid sediments and particulate) and disinfected with ultra-violet light (killing bacteria and viruses) prior to infusion. Water flow and temperature are carefully monitored throughout the procedure. The therapist uses various techniques including abdominal massage during the procedure to facilitate the elimination of waste matter from the entire length of the colon. Prior to the appointment, the client maintains normal meals with no need for fasting. On arrival, the client will fill out intake forms and then is directed to the restroom where he/she is asked to empty the bladder and slip into the gown provided. Upon entering the session room, the client lies down and assumes the Sim’s position, (lying of left side, left leg straightened and right leg bent towards chest). A disposable kit including water and waste tubing, water-soluble lubricant and a speculum is used to facilitate the procedure. The lubricant is used and great care is taken to help the client with relaxation to ensure the speculum is placed with ease. The client is then directed to lie on his/her back with the knees resting on bolsters to relieve tension on the low back. The cleansing process commences with the water flow valve turned to the “fill’ position. When the client experiences an urge to evacuate, the flow valve is turned to “empty” and the colon spontaneously releases waste matter which is carried out by the outflow of water. During this emptying phase, abdominal massage along the length of the colon is utilized to support full evacuation. Massage also helps to loosen the waste in the colon and to encourage peristalsis. A series of alternating fill and emptying phases are performed to thoroughly cleanse the large intestine of fecal matter. When the session is complete, the speculum is removed and the client returns to the restroom to finish any residual elimination. Time taken to complete a colon hydrotherapy session varies between 45 to 75 minutes.

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