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By: Turbo-Chem International Inc  10/08/2015
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EZ Squeeze® Turbo-Chem is known as the home of EZ Squeeze®, because it is the only place to get this industry-leading high fluid loss, high solids, lost circulation squeeze material. When EZ Squeeze® is placed in or across a loss zone, the liquid phase is squeezed from the slurry, which leaves a solid plug behind. EZ Squeeze® differs from other lost circulation materials, because it rapidly forms a solid plug within the lose zone, rather than remaining at or near the face of the wellbore. This minimizes the possibility of the seal being removed during drilling operations, which necessitates repeated remedial treatments of the same zone. Solving the loss problem as soon as possible prevents excessive mud volume from entering the formation; this further propagates the fractures and compounding the loss problems.

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Wellbore Stabilizing Products - Turbo Phalt™

Turbo-Chem created Turbo-Phalt™ to be the most efficient and environmentally safe shale stabilizer and HTHP fluid loss control product available. Turbo-Phalt™ is a formulated low softening point gilsonite and resin mixture, which has been combined with a surfactant and lubricant package.


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Premium Seal® is the definitive seepage loss additive and lost circulation material. Turbo-Chem specially designed this environmentally safe sealant to seal permeable formations.


Lost Circulation

SYN-Seal® Distributes the pressure differential across natural or induced fractures, faults and formation interfaces, as a rubber bladder would. SYN-Seal® forms a thin integrated “snowshoe” like wall cake that does not erode and continually rebuilds itself, unlike the other LCM and seepage loss materials.


First Response™

During TCI’s research of hundreds and thousands of wells in which our patented products were being used together with synergistic success to stop partial to massive losses, a trend was evident. That because Oil/Synthetic base mud systems and Water base Mud systems react vastly different when adding LCM to the respective drilling fluids, what may work well in a water base mud system at a certain ppb, may not address the loss circulation issues when using Oil/Synthetic base muds.



When TCI is involved in applying our products directly on the rig, the success rate is as high as 76% Vs. 50% when TCI is not on well site.