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By: Turbo-Chem International Inc  10/08/2015
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Why was First Response™ Developed? Turbo-Chem International was approached by a major operator to research and develop a one sack solution to partial to massive losses while drilling offshore with oil & synthetic base mud systems. While there are a few “One Sack Solutions” currently on the market and being used, they are not performing at a rate deemed successful by the operator. During TCI’s research of hundreds and thousands of wells in which our patented products were being used together with synergistic success to stop partial to massive losses, a trend was evident. That because Oil/Synthetic base mud systems and Water base Mud systems react vastly different when adding LCM to the respective drilling fluids, what may work well in a water base mud system at a certain ppb, may not address the loss circulation issues when using Oil/Synthetic base muds. Taking this into consideration, TCI started a rigorous Research and Development project to tackle this issue. How was First Response™ Developed? TCI’s Research and Development team spent months testing and evaluating the perfect combination of materials that would give the optimum particle size range to solve partial to massive losses due to fractures. Whenever the optimum blends of products were determined, testing began. Numerous particle plugging tests were performed using stainless steel slotted discs. These tests were run at low pressure using Modified Particle Plugging discs specifically designed by TCI for use in the API Press (100 psi max), Dynamic PPT’s (500 PSI Max) and Static PPT’s (up to 5000 psi). In addition to slotted discs, semi-permeable mediums were used in the cells, as well such as various size gravel, to ensure the sealing capabilities of the First Response™ pill. How does the First Response™ differ from other lost circulation materials? TCI’s First Response™ pill is extremely versatile as a preventative used in sweeps or as a pill when the well dictates a need for hole healing or soft squeezing. Contrary to other “single sack” LCM’s on the market, First Response™ contains NO inert materials. All of the products contained in First Response™ are environmentally friendly and are specifically designed to be used in most well specific applications. What are the benefits of running First Response on my well? First Response™ can be added to all oil or synthetic based mud systems. First Response™ can also save on rig space, whereas other LCM’s need to be run in conjunction with as many as 4 or 5 additional various particle sized palleted materials. TCI’s unique, proprietary one sack blend can be added, as dictated by the well, in varied amounts from 15 ppb – 60 ppb. First Response™ has been used successfully in West Texas and recently as a 50 bbl pill at only 25 ppb in the Eagleford Formation. First Response™ is aptly named because in many cases it can be used as a First Line of defense when initial losses occur, rather than running a High Solids Squeeze pill which in some cases can be time consuming and more costly, First Response™ may be spotted as a pill and soft squeezed into a losing formation. First Response™ has been pumped successfully in the following locations: Louisiana Land: Caddo Parish, Desoto Parish Gulf of Mexico: Main Pass, Keathley Canyon, Green Canyon, Garden Banks, Eugene Island Texas: La Salle County, Reeves County, Gonzales County, Dimmit County, Hemphill County, Roberts County, Webb County, Upton County Oklahoma: Stevens County, Hughes County, Roger Mills County Utah Canada

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