Wellbore Stabilizing Products - Premium Seal®

By: Turbo-Chem International Inc  10/08/2015
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Premium Seal® is the definitive seepage loss additive and lost circulation material. Turbo-Chem specially designed this environmentally safe sealant to seal permeable formations. Premium Seal® is a deformable and compressible cellulose fiber, which is compatible with water and oil-based muds. The optimum Particle Size Distribution (PSD) of graded fibrous particles creates a bridging action within a fraction of an inch of the borehole; it also creates a matting effect within the mud wall cake. The sealing action of Premium Seal® will form a more permanent seal while drilling without subsequent danger of the bit, stabilizers or drill pipe damaging the seal. Premium Seal® removes easily during production; this results in high return permeability. The particle sizes in Premium Seal® allow it to seal micro fractures and prevent filtrate as well as whole mud damage to producing formations.

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Wellbore Stabilizing Products - Turbo Phalt™

Turbo-Chem created Turbo-Phalt™ to be the most efficient and environmentally safe shale stabilizer and HTHP fluid loss control product available. Turbo-Phalt™ is a formulated low softening point gilsonite and resin mixture, which has been combined with a surfactant and lubricant package.


Lost Circulation

SYN-Seal® Distributes the pressure differential across natural or induced fractures, faults and formation interfaces, as a rubber bladder would. SYN-Seal® forms a thin integrated “snowshoe” like wall cake that does not erode and continually rebuilds itself, unlike the other LCM and seepage loss materials.


First Response™

During TCI’s research of hundreds and thousands of wells in which our patented products were being used together with synergistic success to stop partial to massive losses, a trend was evident. That because Oil/Synthetic base mud systems and Water base Mud systems react vastly different when adding LCM to the respective drilling fluids, what may work well in a water base mud system at a certain ppb, may not address the loss circulation issues when using Oil/Synthetic base muds.



When TCI is involved in applying our products directly on the rig, the success rate is as high as 76% Vs. 50% when TCI is not on well site.


EZ Squeeze®

Turbo-Chem is known as the home of EZ Squeeze®, because it is the only place to get this industry-leading high fluid loss, high solids, lost circulation squeeze material.