Why Motion Offense?

Why Motion Offense? from alphaBASKETBALL

By: alphaBASKETBALL  12/11/2014
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The term “Motion Offense” is an umbrella term for all of the half court offenses that try to get high percentage shots using player spacing and effective player/ball movement. There are more than 10 styles of motion offense used at more advanced levels (High School and above), and these offenses can be run against any type of half court defense (man-to-man, zone, etc.). But why is it best for youth basketball? Well, most leagues would agree that the mission of a youth basketball program (and therefore the goal of every coach) is to teach our young players the fundamentals of the game so they can enjoy it as a lifelong sport. To achieve this mission, we can’t just teach them the individual fundamentals; we also need to teach them how to work together offensively and defensively. https://alphabasketball.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/best-motion-offense-coaching-practices-for-volunteer-youth-basketball-coaches/

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