Adult Martial Arts Classes

By: Personal Best Karate Norton  07/13/2016
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Our classes are structured to allow steady continual improvement in agility, core strength, balance and overall coordination. Personal Best Karate training also will teach you valuable personal protection and awareness skills that will tune you in to the traps that can put your safety at risk. You will also be well-trained and prepared if you find yourself in a situation where physical skills are necessary to keep you safe. You will learn how to maintain perfect posture and positioning that is critical to making all of your kicks, punches, knees and elbows effective. You will also learn very effective self-escapes for the most common grabs. Personal Best’s blended martial arts program has been carefully designed to combine the very best of traditional martial arts with progressive functional defensive strategies. Every situation is unique and, in some cases, small effortless movements can be perfect to disrupt an attack instead of only relying on blunt force trauma which may lead to very real legal problems. We believe it is better to have the full range of skills and not need them than to need a specific skill and not have them. At Personal Best we teach a blended martial arts program that takes the very best of traditional martial arts and integrates it with real world functional training. The physical training is counter balanced though our sharing of weekly lessons centered around mindfulness and personal excellence. You will truly get a total experience of that trains you head to toe and helps to keep your focus and confidence at its best. Relieve stress Meet new friends See and feel results Gain confidence and self-esteem Strengthen self-discipline Improve physical and mental health Learn a "World Champion" Philosophy Personal Best Karate will identify your goals! Chart a course with that will leads you to achieving your success Only YOU can choose the direction in which you will grow and who you select to be part of your team to help you get there. What You'll Learn At Adult Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do Anaerobic exercises Aerobic exercises A set of real-life skills for self-defense Conflict resolution Benefits Of Adult Martial Arts Goal oriented program Character education Gain long lasting endurance Improve your wellness and health Increased strength and flexibility Increased balance and coordination Greater self-control

Keywords: Fitness, Karate, Martial Arts Training, Tae Kwon Do

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