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By: Personal Best Karate Norton  07/13/2016
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The teachers at Personal Best weave physical and mental exercises in fun and creative ways to promote a “Personal Best” lifestyle of: Healthy Respect for Self and Others Personal Best Karate teaches that classes begin and end with respect. They will understand the habits needed to be a respectful person in their classes, at home and at school. Your child will learn true respect starts with self-respect. “We all have obligations as parents to raise our children to the best of our abilities and Personal Best Karate has helped us on that journey. We teach our children to do what is right in everything they do and to treat people with respect. Personal Best Karate reinforces the lessons they learn at home and school. Together, we are raising a fine young man.”- Joe Paulo Improved Focus Your child will develop powerful listening habits. Once they’ve learned what’s needed, they will have the skill to “zero in” on a given task, unaffected by distraction. Our program teaches kids how to focus without them knowing. They are having fun in class but at the same time the drills and activities demand a high level of concentration. Parents watch and listen in our open viewing area as their kids focus is literally improving right before their eyes. “My son Ben was having trouble in school with reading and his focus and behavior were not the greatest. After a year at PBK, he went into third grade with a much better attitude and tries as hard as he can. My two youngest decided Ben wasn’t going to have all the fun and they joined PBK as well. My daughter is very shy and doesn’t interact well with people she doesn’t know. She has shined in this program and is starting to come out of her shell. My youngest is five and is not shy at all, he comes into karate fully focused, and has his best “Black Belt face” on. He wants to be just like his older siblings. As a mom there isn’t any place I would rather have ` helping me nurture, educate and mentor my children in becoming awesome people. PBK will always be a part of our lives." -Proud Parent, Christina Neilan Self-Confidence and the Courage to Do What is Right Your child will have the ability to open any door life has to offer… all without fear! They will become a leader, not a follower. This helps them succeed in making and keeping friends, developing the right kind of peer group excel in academics, sports and the arts. The opportunities and happiness this brings your kids is endless. Physical Mastery Our classes are structured to allow steady continual improvement in a child’s core strength, flexibility, endurance and from this practice kids develop crucial agility, core strength, balance and overall coordination. Personal Best Karate training will teach your child to protect themselves, by avoiding potentially dangerous situations before most even recognize something is wrong. They will also be well-equipped and prepared if they find themselves in a situation where physical skills are necessary to keep themselves safe. They will learn how to maintain posture and positioning with their strikes, blocks and kicks. They will also learn very effective self-escapes for the most common grabs. Personal Best’s blended martial arts program has been carefully designed to combine the very best of traditional martial arts with progressive functional defensive strategies. We believe it is better to have the full range of skills and not need them than to need a specific skill and not have it. “My husband and I have been amazed at the values you are teaching our daughter more than the karate moves. The words you have been teaching her -courtesy, courage, leadership, concentration- are not words you hear a lot today, yet they are values that I had been trying to instill in Kimmie and now you are emphasizing them. I think she is also learning that though she is small she has a voice and she is learning to use it.” - Proud Parent Krista Ryan

Keywords: Karate Classes, Martial Art Classes, Martial Arts Classes

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