Two-Day Hands on Local SEO training for Small Business

Two-Day Hands on Local SEO training for Small Business from Nettrain

By: Nettrain  04/01/2014
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After working for so long with Small Local Business and Large Corporations such as Staples, one thing has become very clear - you have to have a tremendous amount of resources to get your phones ringing. You may have the best website with all the bells and whistles but if you are not optimized for local discovery by Google's Local Search aparatus, you are simply: invisible. It is quite common for out of state companies to steal local customers - I have even seen out of state companies "selling" local leads to local businesses...sounds familiar? Well I am here to tell you, you do NOT need $100K in advertizing budget or be at the mercy of a few clever marketers. I will walk you through the simple process of dominating Google Local's first page. I have done it over and over again and now you can learn it too. You do not need you to be technically savvy - all that is required is your attention to what is important and desire to get the phones ringing.... If you have a question about the workshop or your business, please call at (617) 933-9793 or email: [email protected] I look forward to talking to you. What to expect from this workshop? If you are still on the fence about this workshop - read on.... 97% of the customers get their buying signal from doing a google search for "local" customers. 85% of those customers end up becoming paid customers. Smart companies pay a lot of money to capture this uniquely qualified traffic. If your business listing is not optimized fully, then you will end up in the bottom or even on a different page of the search results. Statistics show that most people, don't even go to the 2nd page of Google - so, where does that leave you? You can pay a freelancer your hard earned money and you might even get lucky but most of the time these do not end up very well. There is always a gap between your expectation and the freelancers competing priorities. Optimizing for Google Local is not difficult at all. It requires knowledge. Not technical knowledge but knowledge of how to tackle different scenarios. After the workshop, we Guarantee that you will have all the required tools of the trade to start building on your Google realestate.

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