Inbound marketing. Just a little sweeter.

Inbound marketing. Just a little sweeter. from Nectafy

By: Nectafy  07/18/2014
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Nectafy offers the following services: 1) We create a delicious inbound marketing strategy. We create a written Necta Marketing Plan that takes stock of your current position, and then lays out the specific strategies and activities that we’ll implement to help your company reach your lead generation goals within one year. 2) We make your website design perfect for inbound marketing. To make the most of generating leads from your website, we’ll make sure your site is optimized for inbound marketing. Depending on your needs, we can make small modifications, or we can build it from the ground up. We build on both the HubSpot COS and WordPress. 3) We manage HubSpot so you don’t have to. We live and breathe inbound marketing, and HubSpot is the most practical and powerful tool right now for businesses who want results. We’re not stingy with our knowledge, though. We’ll make sure to teach your team how to use the software so you can take your own marketing in-house if that’s your preference. 4) We make it easy to create sweet content with zero hassle. By shouldering the burden of writing your content and handling the creation of offers like white papers, ebooks, and even video in some cases, we make it possible for you to just focus on knowing what your customers need. We’ll bring out the best in you and make your company look good. 5) We integrate inbound technology with your existing systems. We’re not afraid of tackling APIs, custom coding, and interfacing your existing business systems with HubSpot. In fact, it kind of makes us happy. (Yeah, we’re a little bit crazy.) 6) We become a part of your team. We aren’t a vendor. We become a partner. We have weekly meetings with you, report on progress, and help develop ongoing marketing strategy.

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