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By: Substance Abuse Treatment Helpline  01/14/2015
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Making the decision to become sober is the first step to successfully overcoming a dangerous drug or alcohol addiction problem. Once an addict stops using drugs or alcohol, he or she will need to go through the detox phase. When an individual abuses drugs over an extended period of time, these drugs and chemicals begin to build up in his or her system. Drug detox is the process of eliminating these harmful chemicals from the body, and this process begins to occur as soon as an addict stops his or her drug use. During detox, recovering addicts can experience withdrawal symptoms. Dealing with these withdrawal symptoms can be extremely difficult to do alone. With the help of a detox treatment center, addicts can complete the detox process in an understanding environment, making the entire process much safer. If you or someone you know would like to become sober but is afraid of the detox process, the substance abuse helpline for Annapolis, MD can be helpful. Call (410) 618-1033 to speak to an understanding addiction recovery expert and learn more about detox treatment centers.

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