Pain Management

By: Substance Abuse Treatment Helpline  01/14/2015
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Addiction to prescription opiate painkillers is an unfortunate reality for far too many people in Columbia, MD. For people living with chronic pain, drugs like OxyContin and Vicodin are essential for pain management. When prescribed by a physician and taken properly, these prescription drugs can be very effective for chronic pain management. However, these drugs are also highly addictive and can be extremely dangerous when not used as prescribed. Many people develop a tolerance to prescription opiate painkillers and require higher and more frequent doses in order to experience the same pain relief effects. When these drugs begin to lose their effectiveness, people begin upping their dosages in order to manage their pain until they develop another tolerance and increase their dosage again. This cycle can lead to a dangerous dependency on these drugs. Fortunately for the people of Columbia, MD, calling (410) 618-1059 can put them on the path to sobriety and safe pain management methods. By calling the addiction recovery helpline, you can learn more about pain management help and treatment for you or your loved ones.

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