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Keyword Discovery from Impress Digitally

By: Impress Digitally  05/23/2014
Keywords: Keyword Discovery

‘In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God. The Word was God.’ – John. 1:1. Not much has changed then. Still it is the keywords that we type into the search panel of a Search Engine that starts rolling the ball. This is the first prod, a jab into the great ocean that awakens the websites from their slumber. Try typing blackberry once and god help you if you are looking for the fruit. You have to preempt the potential clients who will be looking for something you have. That’s mapping the search perception impact – listing the most important words that describe your site and all variations thereof. We can map the trigger words that synopsizes your site the best. That will help identify the indexes, the tags and meta-tags better. This in turn will channel more traffic towards you.

Keywords: Keyword Discovery

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