Oil Pressure Sensor Gauge for Trucks and Cars

Oil Pressure Sensor Gauge for Trucks and Cars from Digital Auto Gauges

By: Digital Auto Gauges  02/09/2016
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The Teltek USA oil pressure gauge is a top of the line aftermarket gauge used to ensure your engine is receiving the lifeblood it needs to keep running strong. The oil pressure gauge reports oil pressures from zero PSI all the way up to 150 PSI. High accuracy sensors and a 12’ cable are also included. Oil pressure gauge installation is relatively easy. Say goodbye to your oil pressure gauge problem (s) with this Teltek gauge. Each Teltek gauge comes with a lifetime warranty. All products are made in the U.S.A., in the lovely state of Nevada. The oil pressure gauge can come with either a chrome, or black bevel. Either finish looks good. If you like a more subdued look, the black may be your best bet. If you like the archetypal style, go for the chrome. Each gauge comes with a crisp and easy to read LED display. The large numbering is easy to read, even during the day. When you are driving on the freeway, especially in traffic, it might be nice to have aftermarket digital oil pressure gauge that can quickly an easily be read. Leave your oil PSI problems behind. Oil pressure gauge installing utilizes a 12’ plug in cable to connect to the sensor. For installing the digital gauge itself, just slip it into standard 2 1/16” hole. Have your aftermarket digital oil pressure sensor gauge installed in no time. A digital oil pressure gauge measures the force generated by the oil pump. The oil pump creates a forced lubrication system that keeps the engine running smooth and helps your truck avoid internal combustion engine problems. By keeping a thin layer of oil between the moving metal parts of the engine, heat and friction are reduced and the life of your engine is prolonged. As the oil pump ages the oil pressure slowly falls. Eventually, the engine’s internal parts will no longer be protected at low oil pressure and low RPMs. An aftermarket digital oil pressure gauge communicates with sensor and displays the low oil pressure alerting the driver of potential damage that driving may be causing until the oil pump is fixed or replaced. Past the oil pump and adjacent to the oil filter is where the oil pressure sensor is often located for installing the oil pressure gauge. Oil pressure naturally increases when the engine firsts starts up due to the high viscosity of the oil, and at high RPMs. Thus, when the engine is hot and idling, one can expect the oil pressure to be the lowest. This is a good time to compare the oil pressure on the digital display gauge with that prescribed by the manufacturer’s minimum to look for a problem. Installing an oil pressure gauge can be easy; pick one up today!

Keywords: Oil Pressure Sensor Gauge

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