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By: 1-800-junk-refund  01/08/2016
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1-800-Junk-Refund is a professional junk removal company that hauls away your items and then does the right thing with them: junk the junk, recycle the recyclables, donate what can be donated and--unique to us--sell the good items and give people money back! You get 35% of the sales price for anything that sells for more than $20. We have been in business for about 12 years. We have a 94% customer satisfaction rate on LivingSocial and have just recently been added on Groupon. Visit either of these sites to get a voucher for 1/4 truckload of stuff to be removed for only $98. The normal price for removing this amount of stuff is $229. We work closely with Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army and other local charities. Wonderbooks purchases most of the books we haul away. We send out two uniformed employees who simply need you to point to the items you want hauled away and they will do the rest. You do not need to have your items pulled out to the curb before we come. We call you when we are on the way. Best of all, and also unique to us, you get a free pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream when we do your job for you! Nobody else does that for people. We work closely with realtors to get homes cleaned out so the homes can be listed for sale. We speak at many realtor sales meetings and we provide refreshments when we speak. We are actively involved with the GCAAR (Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors) in marketing our services to their members. We store the good items from our hauling jobs in storage units then sell them online using sites such as eBay, Craiglist, and Wallapop. People who know about our services are delighted to get great bargains on very good items that other junk removal companies would probably just toss in the trash. To date we have given out over $40,000 in refunds back to our customers. No one in the entire country in the junk removal business can say that except us. One job we did the lady paid us $375 to haul away some lamps, a couple of couches, and her home theater speaker system. We sold the speakers on eBay for $7,000! She received almost $3,500 back from that situation. We are active on Facebook with our company page. Over 1,500 people "like" us and follow what we do. We remove all types of furniture, appliances, yard debris, construction debris, and the like. We have even hauled away cars and trailers before. We like to try and treat people the way we would like to be treated. We also try and make it fun for people to do business with us. We have worked closely with local chambers of commerce and property management associations. We really enjoy doing the jobs other companies say couldn't be done, like getting a fridge out of a basement that someone else wasn't able to do. Call us!

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We recycle items so they don't go into a landfill.

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Free pint of ice cream when we do your job!

Get a free pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream when we do your job for you!

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junk removal

Get cash back from the sale of your stuff in addition to recycling, donating, and junking the junk!