Agricultural Solar Panel Installations

Agricultural Solar Panel Installations from Paradise Energy Solutions, LLC

By: Paradise Energy Solutions, LLC  11/14/2016
Keywords: Solar Panels, Solar Panel, Solar Panel Installation

Since 2009, Paradise Energy Solutions has worked with farmers in MD and DE to lower energy costs by installing solar energy systems. These installations provide farmers with a reduction of current energy costs, protection against rising energy costs in the future, and an investment in the value of the farm. Generous government incentives in MD and DE greatly reduce the cost of a solar panel system installation, saving some farmers up to 75% of the total cost, with the competitive USDA grant! Our solar panel systems are connected to the grid and integrate into your current electrical system seamlessly; in most cases, there is no need for extensive or expensive modifications. From our founders’ days growing up on a farm in Paradise, PA, we are sensitive to the needs and concerns of farmers. So when we partner with a farm to install a solar system, we make sure to design a system that best meets the needs of that farm. During our free solar assessment, we’ll confirm if your farm is a good candidate for solar; our solar consultant will walk you through the options and locations for installing the system. Our knowledgeable staff takes care of all the paperwork, approvals, and permits; we’ll also hunt down every federal and state grant and tax credit your farm qualifies for. And with our installation and production guarantees, you can be certain that your investment will reap long-term savings for your farm. Visit our website to schedule a free solar assessment, or call (410) 845-2829 with any questions you have on how solar can help your farm.

Keywords: Solar Panel, Solar Panel Installation, Solar Panels

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