HEALING REACTIONS Cures Alzheimer's and Migraines

HEALING REACTIONS Cures Alzheimer's and Migraines from Healing Reactions

By: Healing Reactions  01/06/2016
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Jan 05th, 2016, ANN ARBOR, Mich. – HEALING REACTIONS cures Alzheimer's and migraines.

The Company HEALING REACTIONS has completed 25 cures of Alzheimer's, using the complex nutraceutical EXPELLIT (Grazoph Temuna). EXPELLIT is composed of seven herbs, and in the body, it mixes with Spirulina to produce waves of healing natural enzymes. EXPELLIT also clears mercury, lead, drug remnants, other toxins, dust and heavy metals from the brain and body. EXPELLIT is easy to use and pleasant to take. Dr. K. Johnson, who served EXPELLIT to four patients observed that “there comes a bowel movement in which all toxins and metals are eliminated, and that is what everyone finds very satisfying.”

There are two parts to this cure. The first part is EXPELLIT, and the second part is MIGRA-NOT taken eight hours later. MIGRA-NOT removes the heavy metals, and by itself cures migraine headaches. In persons whom there are migraines, we serve about two grams of MIGRA-NOT to end the EXPELLIT treatment. At the end of the EXPELLIT - MIGRA NOT treatment, heavy materials are excreted out within 24 hours. The dissolution of the brain plaques by the enzymes results in colorful gases being emitted out the anus.

There are four types of EXPELLIT, depending on enzyme balance of the individual. There is a standard enzyme balance which 97% of the people have. Then there is the Not Blue, the Yellow, and the Red imbalances, which the right EXPELLIT mix corrects for.

Cost for the treatment, material to tell whether this is for one, is $80. This is enough to clear Early Onset Alzheimer's. For deeper cases, it takes more EXPELLIT to cure the case, so that big amount is available for $290.

The company, HEALING REACTIONS, is seeking for practitioners of EXPELLIT and its other products.

About Healing Reactions

HEALING REACTIONS develops world-class nutraceuticals. Healing Reactions produces unique, complex herbal compounds for treating various diseases and conditions. For more information about Healing Reactions and its ready solutions visit http://grazoph.com/.

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Keywords: herbal medicine for migraine, natural cures for migraines,

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