HEALING REACTIONS to Issue Grazoph Temuna Treatments

By: Healing Reactions  11/09/2015
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ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Healing Reactions is now providing treatments of its herbal compound Grazoph Temuna. The company seeks people to witness its effectiveness and judge for themselves whether the company has a significant Alzheimer's cure.

From the company's website at http://grazoph.com/: "There is ample anecdotal evidence to prove that use of this unique combination of healing herbs helps provide relief from results of lead, mercury, aluminum and eliminates discomforts resulting from certain dust inhalation."

"Taking Grazoph Temuna is a wonderful experience," claims inventor Daniel Lexington. "Grazoph works by cleaning oneself with one's own enzymes," he explains. "First there is a swirling in the ears, like the effect of taking a shower inside one's head." Lexington created the compound after he came down with early onset Alzheimer's and says before he took his herbal compound, "I could not even remember my own name."

The Grazoph treatment starts with spirulina, a blue-green algae superfood sold in health food stores. Researchers reported that a cyanobacterium relative of spirulina looks promising to fight Alzheimer's. (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/35483.php) With the spirulina one takes a proprietary combination of ground up herbs including golden tread rhizome and jobs tears seeds. Hours later one takes an additional herbal compound based on the reishi mushroom to clear the body of stirred up contaminants.

Lexington states flatly that Grazoph Temuna is not a drug. "Instead, it is a food consisting entirely of edible over-the-counter herbs. Therefore, it should be considered a safe nutraceutical as opposed to a potentially dangerous pharmaceutical."

Grazoph treatments are only for those providing documentation of their condition before and after treatment or those obtaining before and after heavy metal hair tests. Since almost everyone's body contains various toxins, everyone is invited to sample the compound to experience its effectiveness. Typical users usually require some means of colon cleansing before using Grazoph for proper digestion of the spirulina. Healing Reactions will not reimburse for this and/or other incidental expenses.

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Healing Reactions develops world-class nutraceuticals. Healing Reactions produces unique, complex herbal compounds for treating various diseases and conditions. For more information about Healing Reactions and its ready solutions visit http://grazoph.com/.

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Keywords: herbal medicine for migraine, natural cures for alzheimers, natural cures for migraines, natural herbs for migraines,

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