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By: Happy Honey Bees   11/29/2014
Keywords: Honey, Yeast, Bacteria

Letter of Introduction If we may have a moment of your time, We would like to share with you some new information on a honeybee product that we have been using on our farm. First let us introduce our selves to you. We are both EAS Master Beekeeper's who have worked with honeybees for over twenty years. We own a small forty acre family farm in Michigan. My wife (Carol Hoffman) and I run about fifty hives for pollination, Nuc sales and for raising buckfast queens. We started reading honeybee research papers and found several on the topic of microbial. A presentation by Dr. Diana Sammataro on honeybee gut bacteria caught our attention. We scanned the internet and found bacteria for sale on So we bought some! After using the bacteria in our hives and finding some positive results (our bees successfully overwintered) we started to share our findings with our fellow beekeeping friends and students. Once the manufacture of the bacteria (through a product survey) found out that we were using their product, they contacted us. We were informed of a newer microbial product called Super Direct Fed Microbial (DFM) - Honeybee, that they were developing. Once the new product was formulated, substantial testing and evaluations were performed. Extensive evaluation trials with both PhD Entomologist & Commercial beekeepers are on going. Both Positive & Negative control group data is being analyzed to verify efficacy and performance. A blind study was performed to validate the effects on the bees. Four groups of test honeybee hives were created. A lethal dose (LD -50) was performed by using 100X times normal dose. No negative results were observable. An antibiotic fed hive using terramycin was tested. The results indicated that both good and bad bacteria were significantly affected. Negative (control) hives not fed Super DFM were shown to be lacking key beneficial microbial. Positive (control) hives treated with Super DFM indicated significant probiotic activity in the honeybee mid-gut. This new honeybee product is similar but not the same as a product that currently is for sale only in Europe (EU). The product in Europe was developed by a team at Lund University in Sweden. It is called SymBeeotic. The USA product was developed by a team in Milwaukee WI. A Scientist (microbiologist) from the University of Milwaukee designed the product Super DFM - Honeybee to address the health concerns of honeybees. The product is designed to under promise and over deliver value to the beekeeper. Super DFM is nether a concoction nor is it a silver bullet. Probiotics for honeybees should be thought of as an integrated pest management (IPM) tool. As a product to be used by the beekeeper, it is nothing but a tool, nothing more and nothing less. The purpose of this letter is to communicate to you information about the new probiotic honeybee product called Super DFM Honeybee. We would like to share with you information about the product and suggest to you that we could potentiality send you a free product sample. If you find that you have an interest in selling this product, please contact us to discuss product order lead time, minimum order size and suggested retail prices. The product price margin is determined by the size of the order. THANK YOU!

Keywords: Bacteria, Honey, Yeast

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