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By: Advanced Craniosacral Therapy of Chelsea  07/16/2014
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We provide pelvic floor, oncology, and orthopedic rehabilitation services using a Yoga and Pilates-based rehab approach. Our mission is to promote maximum health for each client by using safe and effective physical therapy methods. The personalized care that you deserve Our business model is rare in the physical therapy marketplace, and it is why we are so successful. When you come to see us, you will walk into a peaceful and beautiful environment. We will take the time to get to know you, your health history and your individual concerns and goals. This allows us to really listen to you, and to perform a complete evaluation of your musculoskeletal and postural system. We view you as a whole person, not as an injured part. This is the basis of our holistic physical therapy philosophy. Partners in the healing process Once we have completed your evaluation, we will review your findings with you and work together to create treatment options tailored to your specific needs. It has been our experience that the more time we spend with our clients, the more complete their healing process. We will communicate closely with your referring health care provider throughout your time with us. Focusing on wellness for life Our main goal initially is to minimize your pain and immediately improve your function and quality of life. We then go a step further. We are committed to educating you in how to permanently correct old postural patterns and muscle imbalances and replace them with more efficient ways to move your body so that you don't repeat old pain patterns and faulty movement patterns over and over. Making changes in the body that last requires a commitment to long term wellness. We offer neuromuscular rehabilitation using Yoga and Pilates-based approach to assist you in making such long term changes in your body. For those who want to continue pursuing their personal fitness and wellness goals, we also offer personal wellness coaching. How is holistic physical therapy different from traditional physical therapy? Many clients have become disillusioned with physical therapy practices that focus only on an injured part, or practices where they “churn” patients out like a “mill". We understand how disconnected clients feel when they are in these rushed clinical environments. The definition of the word holistic is as follows: “emphasizing the importance of the whole, rather than analysis or separation into parts.” The word whole comes from the root hael or hal , which means whole or healthy. Women and men who consider themselves holistic physical therapists, have at the heart of their practice this basic principle: that each person is inherently whole, and can not be simply divided into parts, that if one part of the person is affected by illness or trauma, the whole person is affected and this cannot be overlooked in physical therapy evaluation or treatment. We are committed to providing comprehensive physical therapy treatment within the scope of physical therapy practice, that honors a philosophy of treating the whole person. Sessions may also include Cranio-sacral therapy, sound and/or light therapy, hands-on tissue and energy work. life coaching and teaching meditations techniques.

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