Characteristics and Features of Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Characteristics and Features of Brazilian Cherry  Flooring from Exotic Floors Direct

By: Exotic Floors Direct  10/17/2014
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The Jatoba wood flooring or Brazilian Cherry is the most popular solid and engineered hardwood flooring import from Brazil to the United states. Brazilian Cherry wood flooring, known for its solidity and strength, this exotic hardwood flooring product is a excellent choice in both equally personal and industrial installations. We provide superior quality grade in both pre-finished and unfinished types and several shapes and sizes. Brazilian Cherry from Brazil has a reddish-brown colour. It darkens from a tan colour to a strong, reddish brown and is 182% as really hard as domestic Walnut. Brazilian Cherry is an incredibly heavy wood; difficult to cut, varying regarding colour, from light brown to light red, to reddish brown, with some intensive shadow. Heavy hardwood, notably classified, white slightly yellow, standard medium texture, frequent to infrequent grain of wood, difficult and of poor sparkles floor; imperceptible fragrance and flavour. Pre-finished and Unfinished Hard wood Flooring For being very heavy and of high mechanical qualities, Brazilian Cherry wood flooring may be used for interior such as beams, rafters & joists, wood made planks, doorway frames, parquet and floor coverings boards, in external technological innovation such as sleepers and dual tee junction, support frames, designing timber sheets, home furniture and others. There are positive aspects and advantages to purchasing your Brazilian Cherry wood floor pre-finished: 1. There are Up to 7 coats of aluminium oxide-based finish within 1-2 top wear layers. 2. Finishing builds up off-site, in a manufacturing area, not in your residence. So, no smell or mess in the house. 3. In this, there is No waiting for the wood floor finishing to cure. You can walk on this exotic hardwood floor right away.

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