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By: Eminence Financial  05/12/2015
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The Biggest concern for baby boomers as they near retirement over the next 10-15 years is the relatively smaller younger generations feeding Social Security Payroll taxes into the system. On Average todays seniors are living longer than any previous generation. This is good news, it also presents several new challenges. A longer life increase the likely hood you will have increased medical expenses, long term care, and many other risks that will impact your retirement income. Furthermore, the value of your nest egg could be more significantly impacted by increases in the cost of living over a longer term. Quite simply, you could outlive your savings. Some of the other factors or risks you will face are Excess Withdrawal Risk, Lifestyle Risk, Asset Allocation Risk, Inflation Risk, Tax Risk, Market Risk, Sequence of Returns Risk just to name a few. Other sources of retirement income, such as pensions, 401K plans, IRA' s, Annuities, Tax exempt and Taxable Securities should be carefully evaluated in light of various factors. Generating a reliable fixed income vs variable at risk income. You may want to consider looking at all of your options speaking with an advisor who specializes Social Security Retirement Income Planning. There are strategies that you can employ to help reduce the risk of out living your money. These strategies may be directly related to when your start taking Social Security Benefits and How you should position assets for a surviving spouse.

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