SUPER DFM HONEYBEE from Super DFM Honeybee

By: Super DFM Honeybee  11/24/2014
Keywords: Honey, pollen, Bacteria

SuperDFM – HoneyBee contains a combination of LAB’s as well as beneficial Bacillus spp., and yeast used to diminish disease in bees and brood. Feed both Spring and Fall for Healthier Hives - 10 grams (one table spoon) per hive. Establish Beneficial Microflora ✔ Helps Increase Bee Colony Health ✔ May help inhibit chalkbrood (Ascophera apis) ✔ Microflora have a positive effect on Vitellogenin (fat body) formation (The health of honey bee colony is dependent upon vitellogenin reserves of the nurse bees) ✔ Yeasts help synthesize B-vitamins needed for bee health ✔ Quick and easy to use ✔ Sold in heat sealed and moisture proof pack Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) LAB’s ferment sugars to lactic acid, aid in honey production, fight pathogens by lactic acid production, restore necessary microflora after antibiotic treatment and maintain healthy immunity; aid in vitellogenin formation Enzymes Amylase breaks down starches to glucose; Protease breaks down protein peptide bonds to free up amino acids; Beta glucanase breaks down glucans (parts of cell wall) to usable sugars; Cellulase breaks down cellulose to usable sugars Yeast culture Increase fiber digestion, reduce oxygen and provide necessary growth factors to LAB’s; synthesize B-vitamins to aid bees health; mannan oligosaccharide prevents pathogen adhesion to intestinal wall Spore Forming Bacilli Consume oxygen and create a positive environment for LAB’s, fight pathogenic yeasts and molds, and reduce effects of stress caused by heat or cold

Keywords: Bacteria, Honey, Lactic Acid, pollen