Marriage Counseling

By: Rockafellow Psychological Services  12/29/2015
Keywords: Couples Therapy, Relationship Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy Loving and secure relationships are essential to our well being and help us to thrive in life, not just survive. However, being in a relationship, at times, can be difficult and even overwhelming emotionally. When the bad times outweigh the good times, you or your partner may start to think that something is wrong with you or your partner. That assumption is wrong. There is nothing wrong with you or your partner. More than likely you and your partner have not been taught the skills necessary to be in an intimate relationship, using effective communication, or you have a belief system that is getting in the way. Marriage Counseling can teach you effective skills, challenge belief systems, and identify communication problems that are preventing you from having a healthy successful relationship. We assume that relationships do not take work, but that assumption is incorrect. We are socialized to believe that we will find “the one” or our “soul mate” and then sit back, do nothing, and live happily ever after. Again, this assumption just doesn’t work. At Rockafellow Psychological Services we have marriage counselors who will give you information on how to have a successful relationship with your partner, but also successful relationships in general. Some of what our counselors will teach you is how to: Accept your partner for who they are and appreciate differences Reduce Resentments De-escalate hostility in arguments Learn to be assertive and communicate effectively Examine harmful belief systems Learn how to communicate effectively and not get into the blame game. Increase intimacy and increase your connection to each other Discuss and forgive yourself or loved ones for past hurts

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