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By: I & B Cleaning Services  12/18/2014
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Top cleaning big buildings: 1. Townsend Hotel - Birmingham: keeping ground, hallways, stairs, office, front desk, lobby, corner bar, carpet cleaning (guest rooms, office, hallways), window cleaning, basement's parking cleaning, etc. 2. Village Green Property-Troy, keeping ground, clubhouse, office, fitness room, pools inside and outside, hallways for five lease buildings (five floors). Here I went above and beyond what required without expecting additional compensation, doing carpet cleaning in all buildings. 3. Saint Maron Church in Detroit is serviced weekly and on call. For financial reason the Church premises, school and the banquet hall, are recently not "leased", and we do cleaning only sometime in the year. Contractor. 4. Two big city buildings in Detroit are: two-level floors over 500,000 sq/ft, with 12 restrooms, six-level building (including basement), around 100,000 sq/ft, 12 restrooms. These buildings occupied by several city departments and government agencies and a GED school. Both buildings were in bad cleaning conditions. I & B called for a change and else. The crew of five worked hard to clean overall, dusted everywhere and removed stains, bringing back the cleanliness to normal conditions. We succeeded in spite of only big a crew of five. We avoided the rough job and complaints, arranging the duties as follows: all 5 worked 3 days for general cleaning, while the other 2 days the crew was divided to do work separately, 3 doing general cleaning, and 2 detail tasks. 5. Village Plaza Dearborn a 12 levels building. It was well-maintained. I & B cleaned: - Everest medical school, 2 floors lease. Offices, classrooms, doctor and dentist laboratories, massage rooms, lunch room, etc.; Spring Arber University, offices and classrooms; fitness center; dental office; - ten restrooms inside the schools or offices and in public the hallway area; - elevators, - big public hallways, -stairs, - cafeteria, etc. For doing those jobs, we had scheduled 20 hours/day in Detroit and 25 hours/day in Dearborn. from 4 PM to 2 AM. It was a Subcontracted position. Based on building sq/ft. hours were not enough to keep facilities in good cleaning order; traffic was high, and the firm did not care or apply any hours for detail tasks. Certainly, getting the contract direct has the advantage of negotiating contract's terms to all intents and for purposes of ensuring qualitative work, taking into account hours needed for general cleaning, detail tasks and specialized duties, as well as fair rate for cleaning staff.

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